LTTE Massacres of Innocent Sinhala Civilians


The LTTE Tamil Terrorists started its policy of ethnic cleansing in 1984. The first Sinhala civilians to be massacred by these barbarians were from two farming villages in Mullaitivu called Kent Farm and Dollar Farm. Except for a few, all the civilians living in these two villages were massacred - over hundred of them. Unlike the Tamils who have a well organised propaganda network, to show to the world the "plight of the Tamils", these innocents they massacre, have no such sophisticated propaganda machinery to bring their butchery to the attention of the World.

The following letter was received from a colonel in the Sri Lankan army, who was one of the first to be sent to the scene of this massacre.

Dear Sir,

Congratulations on an excellent web page. We needed such a page for a long time, and, since we have one now, it's 'hit' frequency should be worked upon so that the whole world gets to know what these barbarians are up to. I have already informed many of my friends about the page.

Being one of the first Army Officers to be sent to the Dollar and Kent Farms, after the cowardly massacres of innocent civilians, I know, and still get flashbacks of how little children had been killed by holding them by their legs and banging their little heads against walls. I saw babies with crushed heads, and pieces of brain matter on the walls, right above where these babies lay dead, eyes gaping innocently towards heaven. This was the day I realised that Sri Lanka was up against primitive animals and not human beings.

I commend your page. May the Devas give you strength to continue this page. Keep up the good work.

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This was only the beginning, the LTTE Tamil terrorists then went on commit the following massacre of innocnet civilians.


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