Massacres of Innocent Civilians by LTTE Terrorists

This is a list of some of the massacres that the LTTE terrorists have carried out on innocent civilians of Sri Lanka over the last sixteen years.




Sep 17, 2006 Pottuvil Eleven Muslim Civilians were murdered by the LTTE terrorists. Their bodies were found after they had apparently gone to repair an irrigation system. Only survivor of the massacre said "On Sunday evening suddenly a group of Tigers stormed the place where we were. They were armed with guns, sickles, knives and axes. They abducted us, took us to the forest, and blindfolded us. After it became dark, they attacked us with sickles, axes and knives."

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Aug 8, 2006 Colombo

Three civilians including a three year old girl were murdered by the LTTE terrorists exploding a car bomb.

The bomb went off near a girls' school in a residential area of the city.

ltte-bomb-080806.jpg (101051 bytes)

June 15, 2006 Anuradapura LTTE terrorists murdered 64 passengers and injured at least 80 travelling exploding a claymore mine on a bus to the town of Kebitigollewa in Sri Lanka's north central province. Most of the killed were children.

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May 29, 2006 WELIKANDA LTTE terrorists brutally massacred 12 civilians working at an irrigation canal construction site in eastern Welikanda area last night. An eyewitness told police that 15 armed cadres of LTTE - some in striped uniforms and some in civilian dress tied the construction workers together and fired at them point blank range killing 12 instantaneously.

WelikandaKilled_1.jpg (57267 bytes)

Apr 24 2006 Trincomalee LTTE terrorists hacked to death a young mother while she was breastfeeding her infant at home in the Block C area of Serunuwara in Trincomalee this evening.

In a similar incident 12 hours earlier, LTTE murdered a three-year-old Muslim infant while he was with his mother. 

Apr 23 2006 Trincomalee LTTE terrorists massacres six farmers to incite ehnic rioting. Police say the Tigers massacred the villagers in the district of Trincomalee.

"Those farmers were working in their paddy fields when they were taken and shot," army spokesman Brig Prasad Samarasinghe said, Reuters news agency reports.

trinco-murder.jpg (86388 bytes)
Mudiyaselage Rupasinghe, center left, mourns after seeing the body of his son Eranda Sadaruwan.

Nov 18 2005 LTTE Election Violence Kill Scores in

North and East

Sri Lanka

In Jaffna, one UNP activist was shot and killed by the LTTE and the voters from the LTTE controlled area were not allowed to vote by LTTE.

A hand grenade was hurled at the polling booth at the Jaffna Stanley Collage around 7.45 am toady, but it failed to explode. LTTE cadres who came by in a motor bicycle have hurled this grenade. LTTE cadres were seen roaming in motor bicycles near most of the polling booths in Jaffna and threatened the voters.

LTTE exploded a hand grenade in Puttalam area in order to threaten the people who came for voting, killing number of Tamil voters.

UNP member, R. Somapala residing on Kandy Road in Trincomalee was shot and killed by the LTTE. He owns a tyre store on Kandy Road. He was working for the UNP in this Presidential Elections. He was shot and killed today around 2:30 pm.

The Kalwunkerni Post Officer Gomathi Veerapathiran (35) of School Road, Kaluwunkerni was kidnapped last night around 9 pm and hacked to death by the LTTE. Reports say, that yesterday afternoon, the LTTE had gone to her post office and demanded that she hand over the undelivered ballot papers to them. But Gomathi had refused to give them to the LTTE.

Oct 18 2005 Vavuniya LTTE terrorists fatally shot a village official in northern Sri Lanka. P.Weerasingham was shot dead in Vavuniya.
Oct 11 2005 Jaffna LTTE terrorists murder two school principals in Jaffna. Principal of Kopay Christian College Nadarajah Sivakadacham was killed by the terrorists in front of his home in Kopay North. A day earlier, principal of Jaffna Central College, K. Rajadurai, was murdered near the Jaffna library.  Both principals were strong critic of LTTE child conscription.
Aug 12 2005 Colombo LTTE terrorists murder Sri Lankan Foreign Minister, Mr. Lashman Kadiragamar shooting him in the head and chest.

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Aug 12 2005 Colombo LTTE terrorists murder a Tamil broadcaster and her husband at their shop in Colombo.

Relangi and her husband killed in their shop at Wellawatta. Sri Lanka's Tamil activists say Tamil Tigers have shot and killed a senior Tamil broadcaster and her husband in the capital Colombo.
Relangi Selvarajah, 44, a well-known newsreader worked for government owned Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporarion, and her husband were gunned down around 1300 Sri Lankan time.

Mar 7 2005 Welikanda LTTE terrorists stormed a village in Welikanda and killed six civilians including a Sinhalese, four Muslims and one Tamil on Saturday night.

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Military spokesperson Brig. Daya Ratnayake said suspected Wanni gunmen stormed Kolakanawadiya village and indiscriminately opened fire on civilians, killing six and injuring three others. The injured were rushed to the Polonnaruwa hospital for treatment

27 Oct 2004 Batticaloa LTTE terrorists lobbed a grenade and killed a Swiss national in eastern district of Batticaloa, police said on Tuesday. The victim identified as Hans Ulrich was attacked as he was in his home in Batticaloa on Monday night.
25 Oct 2004 Colombo LTTE terrorists murdered one Tamil man, and three others were seriously injured in the general area of WELLAWATTE, COLOMBO-6 on 25 October 2004 around 9.15 p.m. when an unidentified group of LTTE men from WANNI faction fired at them for reasons best known only to the assassins.
8 Oct 2004 WELIKANDA Six LTTE armed men abducted and killed a civilian in the general area of SEVANAPITIYA on Wednesday (6) night, initial Police reports confirmed.

The victim' bullet-riddled body was found abandoned on the banks of a rural tank. The 37-year old victim, DHARMALINGAM SATHYALINGAM's house at No.114 of MUTUGALA,SEVANAPITIYA was stormed by those six armed men at about 9.00 p.m. before he was taken away and murdered.

5 Oct 2004 Welikanda LTTE terrorists murder two Muslim civilians who were returning after prayers yesterday evening in Welikanda.

Police said the victims have been identified as 45  year old M.S. Mohomadu and 42-year-old U. Kudduth. They were shot and killed at point-blank range, allegedly by LTTE cadres who arrived on a motorbike.

One of the victims was a school teacher and the other was a farmer.

28 June 2004 Vavuniya Continuing its killing of members of rival political parties, the LTTE pistol group shot and killed an ex-PLOTE member last night at Pattakulam in Vavuniya.

The victim has been identified as K. Devaraja (49), the father of two children. While riding home on a bicycle, two gunmen arrived and shot the victim, killing him on the spot.


11 Nov 2003


Feb 2002

Eastern Sri Lanka


Muslim Civilians Killed by the LTTE After the Signing of the MoU

27th June 2002, Valaichenai

1) Hyath Mohamed Januudeen (26)
2) Hyath Mohamed Janushdeen (20)

The two brothers above were abducted and killed by the LTTE from a Tamil wedding in Petthalai, where they had been invited to cook.

3) Shahabdeen (37),
4) Saleem (15),
5) Anwer (20),
6) Hajamohideen (39) and
7) Mubarak

The five above were killed when the LTTE threw grenades and attacked a crowd guarding the Valaichenai Mosque on the same day.

8) H.M.Kaleel Rajman (22)
9) P.M. Ajwath (25)

The two above were returning to Valaichenai and are missing since being abducted in Kiran by an LTTE party under Jim Kelly Thattha.

10) N.M.Abusally (35)
11) H.M.Mohamed Usan (44)
12) M.A.Hyath Mohamed (42)

The three above went fishing in the Vahaneri reservoir are missing after being abducted by the LTTE on 27th June 2002.

13) Mubarak was killed when the LTTE opened fire and threw grenades at worshippers at Oddaimavady Mosque on 28th June 2002

14) A.T.M. Hussain (68) alias Kalanthar,

a Muslim auto-driver in Valaichenai, who was popular with Tamils among whom he had a large customer base, was murdered in the early hours of 5th January 2003
while at work. At this time the LTTE was threatening Tamils not to do business with Muslims.

15) Mahboobal Nayeem (28)
16.) Razak Jabir (25)

The two above were abducted by the LTTE when they went by boat from Mutur on the morning of 31st March 2003 to trade off the LTTE-controlled coast off Kadatkarichenai to the east. The two are believed to have been killed - the context behind tensions in Mutur (see forthcoming Bulletin).

On 15th April, M.M. Kiyathumma (48), the
mother of Nayeem, committed suicide by swallowing poison.

17) 17th April 2003: Nilabdeen (50) died of gunshot injuries in the Palath-Thoppur area after being fired upon by the LTTE.

18) 21st April 2003: Mohamed Rabsali (41) of Iqbal Nagar, was shot dead by the LTTE reportedly while bathing in a tank.

19) 22nd April 2003: Meera Lebbe (50)

A resident of Selvanagar in the Mutur area, was shot dead by the LTTE. His daughter Lafir Sashila who was with him survived with injuries

5 July 2003 Batticaloa

LTTE terrorists killed another rival in the eastern Batticaloa area during the weekend. They shot and killed Mr. Mahamad Seyyadu, a political leader of the PLOTE organisation and wounded his wife. 

14 June 2003 Jaffna

Leader of the EPRLF political party, Thambirajah Subathiran was murdered in the city of Jaffna by an LTTE sniper. Mr.  Subathiran has been critical of the way LTTE have been harrasing the tamil population in Jaffna.

eprlf-leader.jpg (14139 bytes)

Mr. Subathiran, Murdered by LTTE on 14 June.

03 May 2003 Jaffna

Another EPDP Pradeshiya Sabha member was killed in Jaffna by LTTE on 3 May 2003. The former EPDP chairman of the Karaveddy Pradeshiya Sabha was shot dead yesterday evening by the LTTE pistol group, another violation of the current 'cease-fire'.

22 Apr 2003 Trincomalee

The LTTE shot dead a woman and a man near the Selvanagar, Serunuwara in the Trincomalee district.
The victims were identified as Lafir Shashila (24) and Meera Lebbe.
The attackers have slashed the neck of the man and taken away the head, The Serunuwara police said. On 20 Apr LTTE shot dead a Muslim man who had come to bathe in a lake in this area, police said.

20 Jan 2002 Batticaloa

In Batticaloa, a fisherman identified as Vithyanathan, who was  abducted by the LTTE on January 16, was found dead today. He is said to be a former member of the People's Liberation Organisation of Tamil Eelam and was murdered apparently for keeping links with the security forces.

14 Dec 2001 Vavuniya

LTTE Terrorists shot dead an off duty Tamil Policeman Inside his home.  The terrorist armed with an automatic weapon shot dead the policeman while he was at his home in Vavuniya town watching television yesterday around 7.40 PM. The policeman attached to the Vavuniya Police Station is the father of five children. Earlier the policeman had been threatened by LTTE rebels asking him to leave the service but he resisted.

1 Dec 2001 Batticaloa

LTTE terrorists killed the abducted Gramasevaka of Kudumbamalai and a youth at midnight Saturday at Santhiveli, north of Batticaloa.  The two bodies of deceased were found tied to lampposts with chains on two byroads leading to the Batticaloa beach. They had suffered head injuries. The Gramasevaka had been abducted by LTTE terrorists along with a contractor on 04 October, 2001.

27 Nov 2001 Trincomalee

The LTTE killed two civilians and injured two others in in Eastern Province. LTTE terrorists fired 81 mm mortars towards the Army detachment in the general area of Kattaparichchan, south of Trincomalee, killing one woman and injuring another on 27 November.

18 Nov 2001 Batticaloa

LTTE Gunmen shot dead a Sri Lankan opposition candidate campaigning for the country's parliamentary elections next month. Police said Thambiraja Jeyakumar, a United National Party candidate, was shot dead while driving to a campaign event in eastern Batticaloa District by members of the LTTE terrorist gang.

30 Oct 2001 Muttur, Trincomalee

A six-year-old girl was killed and six civilians were injured when LTTE terrorists threw four hand grenades at a civilian's house in a village in Muttur, Trincomalee District.

29 Oct 2001 Colombo

A Tamil Tiger suicide bomber blew himself up in close proximity to a meeting of the acting head of state and Premier Ratnasiri Wickremanayake at Narahenpita, Colombo.

The terrorist exploded the bomb after raising suspicion and being questioned by police, killing a policeman and a civilian. 17 people were wounded, five of them critically. Death toll is expected to rise.

suicide-bomb-29oct01.jpg (22398 bytes)

29 Oct 2001 Polonnaruwa

Two fishermen who make their living by catching fish in the Maduru Oya tank in Polonnaruwa district were shot and killed by LTTE terrorists while they were fishing this morning.  The terrorists arrived at Kandegamuwa village in Maduru Oya, Polonnaruwa, from across the jungles before they fired at the fishermen indiscriminately.

7 Sep 2001 Mahindapura, Trincomalee district

A group of about 140 bus passengers were indiscriminately fired upon by LTTE terrorists killing four of them. These passengers, using their one and only bus service available on the Kantalai - Verugal road, were on their way to a religious ceremony at Sri Kandaswami Hindu Kovil in Kadiraveli.

7sep-civlians-killed.jpg (5309 bytes)
Deceased civilians (

24 Sep 2001 Jaffna

Six members of a Tamil family, all civlians were killed by the LTTE terrorists using a land-mine explosion near Jaffna. The terrorists exploded the landmine as the family were travelling in a three-wheel taxi to the airport, bound for Colombo to escape the LTTE terror.

30 Aug 2001 Kalmunai, Ampara.

A civilian and two police officers were killed by a bomb planted by LTTE today around 8.10 AM at Kalmunai, Ampara district. The civilian was a  labourer attached to the Kalmunai Divisional Secretariat, who was injured and later succumbed to his injuries.

11 Aug 2001 Polonnaruwa

LTTE shot dead two civilians in the eastern district of Polonnaruwa. The civilians are believed to have been shot in revenge for recent air attacks by the government on terrorist training camps. The civilians were shot as they were returning from a night watch in their farms.

6 June 2001 Vavniya

Two Tamil youths were shot dead by members of the LTTE s pistol gang in Vavuniya early this morning. The shootings took place in two separate incidents, in the areas of Veppamkulam Urmilathottam and Rasendrakulam at 2AM and 8 AM today.

3 Mar 2001 Welioya

LTTE terrorists abducts and kills four farmers. The Killings took place when the terrorists  abducted a group of six farmers in Welioya near Trincomalee. One farmer was killed immediately and the other three were killed by the terrorists later and the bodies were discovered by an   army search party. The killings took place while the LTTE was supposedly observing a 'unilateral cease-fire'. The dead farmers were later identified as P. Dharmadasa, W. Premachandra, U. Tikiri Banda and B. Raipal.

killing_fields1.jpg (37843 bytes)
One of the dead farmers lie in a coffin

12 Jan 2001 Jaffna An LTTE terrorist throws a hand granade in a crowded market in Jaffna, killing three Tamil civilians. The intended target of the terrorist is unclear.
19 Oct 2000 Colombo An LTTE suicide bomber blew himself up killing 5 people and and wounded 23 people, including three American women, shortly before Sri Lankafs president installed her new cabinet in Colombo. The U.S. Embassy confirmed three Americans were injured. The bomber triggered explosives wrapped on his body after a police patrol challenged him near Town Hall about a mile from President Chandrika Kumaratungafs residence.

colombo_bomb_17dec00.jpg (18614 bytes)

10 Sep 2000 Batticaloa LTTE Terrorists Kill Two Parliamentary Candidates Ahead of Elections. The victims were named as Chellian Perimpanayagam, a former mayor of Batticaloa town and S Manoharpillai also a PA party memeber.
14 June 2000 Wattla
A Tamil Tiger suicide bomber killed himself and two others on the outskirts of the Sri Lankan capital Colombo Wednesday but failed to hit his target, a crowded air force bus. The attacker was knocked down by a cyclist as he tried to jump in front of the military bus, police said.

suicide_bomb_14june00.jpg (15382 bytes)

8 June 2000 Batticaloa and
A prominent TELO member of Arayampathi, Batticaloa was shot dead by  LTTE terrorists yesterday morning near the Education Department office.

In Trincomalee on 6 June around 9 PM, Marimuthu Manikkarasa age 33, was forcibly taken out of his residence at Killiweddi, Mutur and killed by the LTTE for refusing to join the organisation.

7 June 2000 Rathmalana LTTE terrorists explodes a suidide bomb in Rathmalana, killing the 65 year old Industry Minister C. V. Gooneratne, as he collected money for soldiers. Twenty two other civilians were also killled in the attack.. His wife was critically injured.

bomb_site_8june00.jpg (12485 bytes)

Site of the Bomb Attack

17 May 2000 Batticaloa A powerful bomb exploded by LTTE terrorists ripped through a Buddhist feast in eastern Sri Lanka killing 29 people, including 6 children, and wounded 80. The explosion occurred near a temple in Batticaloa on Wednesday where people were witnessing an illuminated coloured structure to mark the Buddhist feast of Wesak, the holiest day in the Buddhist calendar.
15 May 2000 Jaffna Anther Tamil lawmaker was gunned down Monday night by Tamil Tiger terrorists. Police said an LTTE terrorist shot dead Santhanam Kandeepan, a member of the Jaffna municipal council, in the peninsula's Arasadi area, while he was standing outside his house
15 May 2000 Jaffna LTTE terrorists kill six civilians in random shelling of densely populated areas around Jaffna due to the frustration of not being able to dislodge the government troops defending Jaffnaa.
10 Mar 2000 Colombo LTTE Terrorists attacked civilians, exploding bombs and firing rockets during the Colombo evening rush hour. Twenty civilians and four police officers were killed and 64 others were wounded on a busy street in Colombo. The terrorists   missed their target, a motorcade of Cabinet ministers

10mar00-01.jpg (14372 bytes).

2 Mar 2000 Jaffna Two LTTE terrorists shot dead Anton Sivalingam of the Eelam People's Democratic Party (EPDP) in the Main Street of Jaffna. He was a member of the Jaffna Municipal Council.
12 Feb 2000 Colombo LTTE explodes two bombs in public transport busses killing three and injuring over fifty civilians. One of the bombs ripped through a public bus in Colombo when it was taking on passengers before leaving for a distant town at midnight, police said. The bus was gutted by fire. The other blast hit a moving bus at Wattala town just north of the capital.
30 Jan 2000 Polgahawela, Kurunagala Two people were killed and at least 14 people were wounded when the LTTE terrorists exploded another bomb in a bus heading for the Sri Lankan capital Colombo on Sunday. The bomb, planted at the back of the bus travelling towards Colombo, exploded when it was in Polgahawela.
27 Jan 2000 Vavuniya At least 11 civilians were killed and over 70 wounded when the LTTE terrorists exploded a bomb in a letter box at the main post office in the northern Sri Lankan town of Vavuniya. Officials said a parcel bomb went off inside the post office, which is opposite a police station, at 1100 hours local time, totally destroying it.
24 Jan 2000 Jaffna The LTTE terrorists executes 14 civilians. The civilians were executed by the LTTE as they were suspected to have given secret information to the army about the whereabouts of terrorist movements.
14 Jan 2000 Jaffna A local official and his bodyguard were shot dead in the northern Jaffna by LTTE terrorists. An LTTE terrorist fired on Vaduvalu Vijeyaratnam, head of a local council, when he was riding his motorcycle late Friday. Vijeyaratnam died immediately, and his bodyguard, who also received bullet wounds, died later in hospital.
05 Jan 2000 Central Colombo An LTTE suicide bomber explodes a bomb outside the Prime Ministers office killing 13 civilians, 3 police officers and wounding a further 27.  The attack was an assignation attempt on the Prime Minister, who was not in the office at the time.

colombo_suicide_bomb.jpg (11348 bytes)

18 Dec 99 Colombo and Gampaha Two LTTE suicide bombers explodes bombs in two election rallies days before the presidential elections, killing 31 civilians and injuring over 180. The attacked was an assignation attempt on the precedent who survived the attack but was blinded in one eye due to shrapnel injuries she received. At least three senior ministers and some foreign journalists, including a Japanese television crew and a Reuters photographer, were among the injured at the ruling party's rally.

election bombing 4.jpg (24905 bytes)

15 Dec 99 Chavakachcheri, Jaffna LTTE terrorists launched a mortar attack on the civilian populated areas of Chavakachcheri, Jaffna killing one civilian and wounding another eight. 
10 Dec 99 Manar,
North West Sri Lanka
A group of LTTE terrorists fired on a bus carrying civilians in the north-western Mannar district killing three and injuring four civilians. There were around 40 civilians travelling in the bus at the time of the incident according to eyewitnesses and approximately 15 terrorists took part in the attack,
18 Sep 99 Ampara,
Northern Sri Lanka.
LTTE terrorists struck at three villages of Punchi Seegiriya, Kalpengala and Bedirekka of Ampara. During the attack at least 58 Sinhalese villagers, including 17 women, 2 pregnant mothers and 14 children, were hacked to death with machetes and knives by LTTE terrorists. The victims were dragged from their sleep and butchered. Those who tried to seek refuge in the nearby dense jungles were chased and killed. Some of the villagers who fled their burning homes as gunmen fired at them were chased and hacked to death in rice fields. Others were killed as they slept.

ampara2.jpg (18914 bytes)

05 Mar 98 Maradana,
A Tamil Tiger terrorist on a suicide mission blew up a mini bus packed with explosives at a busy intersection in Colombo on Thursday, killing 34 civilians, including two school children. Over 300 were wounded. The bomb was exploded outside a school.

maradana2.jpg (14663 bytes)

17 May 98 Jaffna,
Northern Sri Lanka.
The mayor of Jaffna, Mrs. Sarojini Yogeswaran, was shot dead by LTTE terrorists Around 10.30 AM on 17th May 1998. At the time of the shooting the mayor was at her residence in Jaffna.

mayor.jpg (10728 bytes)

13 Apr 98 Jaffna,
Northern Sri Lanka
An LTTE Terrorist lobbed a grenade into a crowded market in Jaffna and at least one person was killed and 19 wounded. Many civilians in the former terrorist stronghold were shopping just ahead of the traditional New Year. The dead person was a Tamil woman.A pregnant woman was among the seriously injured.
09 Mar 98 Eravur Town,
Four civilians and a policeman were killed when a bomb aboard a tractor-trailer loaded with rice bags exploded in eastern Sri Lanka on Monday. At least 26 people were also wounded in the blast near Eravur town in the eastern Batticaloa district, which was triggered by LTTE terrorists.
05 Mar 98 Maradana,
An LTTE terrorist on a suicide mission exploded a massive bomb hidden in a mini bus at a busy intersection in Colombo on Thursday, killing 34 civilians. Over 300 were wounded. The bomb was exploded outside a school and at least two vans carrying schoolchildren were caught up in the explosion, and schoolbags stained with blood were seen scattered in the blast area. Seven school children were among the dead.

maradana2.jpg (14663 bytes)

06 Feb 98 Colombo Nine civilians were killed when a female LTTE suicide bomber detonated explosives strapped to her body at a military checkpoint in Colombo. The blast left charred limbs, including the head of the suicide bomber, littering the area.

SLAVE_BOMB3.jpg (28420 bytes)

25 Jan 98 Kandy,
Central Sri Lanka
LTTE Terrorists drove a lorry packed with explosives through roadblocks and set off a huge truck bomb outside the Sri Lanka's holiest Buddhist shrine in central Kandy, killing 13 people and wounding 23. Two toddlers were among the dead. The temple, which houses a sacred tooth of Lord Buddha suffered serious damage from the bomb blast.

z_k01.jpg (28114 bytes)

31 Jan 96

Colombo- Fort, Central Bank.

A lorry laden with explosives, exploded by a LTTE suicide killer at the Central Bank whilst two other LTTE cadres fired at the people. A total of 86 people were killed and 1,338 injured. All buildings on either side of the Janadhipathi Mawatha including Central Bank, Ceylinco, American Express, ABN Bank, Air Lanka, etc, were damaged.

explo1_lg.jpg (33871 bytes)

11 Nov 95

Slave Island, Colombo.

A suicidal bomber exploded a bomb near the Railway track, causing the death of 15 children, 01 Policeman and 01 Army Soldier.

02 Nov 95

Malakalugolla, Kegaluyaya, Siyambalanduwa, Moneragala.

Terrorists entered into the village and hacked to death 05 children at the age of 1 1/2yrs. 2 1/2 yrs.03 yrs. 13 yrs. and 15 yrs. They also set fire to two huts, where the children were living.

26 Oct 95

Tammennawa, Heraththam, millawa, Talgahawewa.

Terrorists have attacked the villages and killed 26 civilians (16 males and 10 females) and injured 27 civilians.

25 Oct 95

Panama, AMP.

Terrorists had attacked and shot to death 12 Sinhalese farmers, who have gone into the jungle to collect firewood. Two dead bodies were found on the same day and the rest of the dead bodies left near the STF Camp, Panama.

23 Oct 95

Athimale, Kotiyagala,kille Moneragala.

Terrorists have attacked the villages and killed 19 civialins (07 males, 08 females and 04 children).

mass3.gif (60837 bytes)

21 Oct 95

N/of Padaviya, Welioya.

A group of armed terrorists have entered into the area and attacked Galtalawa villages, killing19 civilians (10 males and 09 females).

07 Aug 95

Torrington Sq. Colombo.

A bomb hidden in a hand cart, loaded with King Coconuts, was exploded by a suicide killer, in front of Western Province Chief Minister's Office, resulting the death of 21 civilians (18 males and 03 females) and injured 44 civilains.

25 May 95

Kallarawa, TCO.

Terrorists have attacked the fishing village and hacked and shot to death 42 civilians (22 males, 12 females and 08 civilians).

16 Mar 94

Kudiramalai, Puttalam.

Approximately 10 boats that had gone for fishing close to Kudiramalai Point were attacked by terrorists, killing 17 Sinhalese fishermen and injuring 03.

15 Oct 92

Palliyagodella, Ahamedpura, Abapura, Pamburana, Polonaruwa.

About 200-300 armed terrorists attacked the Muslim villages and had shot and hacked to death a total of 172 civilians. (171 of them were Muslims) 12 Policemen and 08 Soldiers. And a total of 83 others were injured.

01 Oct 92


Whilst terrorists attacking the Konwewa detachment, Welioya fired and thrown grenades into the bunkers of villagers, killing 15 civilians and injuring 09 others.

01 Sep 92


A bomb fixed to a push cycle carrying an ICe Cream container, Kalmunai, exploded the Market, killing 22 Muslims and injuring 67 others.

30 Aug 02

TCO Town.A bomb

planted in, privte bus at the bus stand exploded, killing 09 civilians andi injuring 34 (including 04 Soldiers and 02 RPCC).

21 Jul 92


Terrorists have shot the Colombo/BCO train ordered the BCOpassengers to get down and opened fire at the Muslimpassengers. 07 Muslims killed and...Muslims injured. They also exploded the engine of the train.

15 Jul 92

Kirankulam, B'co.

Terrorists attacked a civilian bus proceeding from Kathankudy towards Kalmunai, killing 19 Muslims and injuring 07 Muslims.

06 Jul 92

Parayanakulam, VNA.

Terrorists publicly shot dead 10 Tamil lorry drivers and a woman alleging that they have passed information to SF.

02 Jun 92

2 09th Mile Post, AMP.

A group of terrorists stopped a private bus, No.60 - 9799 proceeding from A pattu to Pottuvil and opened fire, killing 14 civilians 01 PC and injuring 02 civilians, 01 PC.

29 Apr 92

Alinchipotana, PLN.

Terrorists attacked the Alinchipotana village, causing the death of 56 Muslims and injuring 15.

10 Apr 92


A car bomb exploded, causing the death of 08 civilians. 01 PC and 23 civilians injured.


AMP Town.

A bomb exploded in a private bus 30-7088 causing the death of 25 civilians and injuring 33 civilians. Also one PC killed and 2 Army personnel wounded.

26 Jan 92

Between, Arantalawa and Boroppola, AMP.

Private Bus plying between Maha Oya and Ampara got caughtto a land mine. Due to explosion, 09 civilians and 01 Airman were killed 17 civilians and 09 Airmen were wounded.

19 Sep 91

Palliyagodella, PLN.

Terrorists had launched and attack on a Muslim village, killing 13 Muslims and injuring 06 others.

06 Jul 91

Karapola, PLN.

Nine Sinhala fishermen fishing at Karapola lake and the owner of the Manampitiyavadiya who came there in his Delica van No.84-7071 were abducted by terrorists and 09 of them were killed. One fisherman escaped and informed Manampitiya detachment.

27 Jun 91

Lahugala, AMP.

When a private bus 60-9765 was proceeding towards Monaragala to Pottuvil with a load of passengers, terrorists exploded two claymore mines and opened fire at the passengers. 16 civilians killed and 08 civilians wounded.

12 Jun 91

Koddadicholai, BCO.

Bomb explosion in Manmunai ferry in Kokkadicholai, killing 04 Army Personnel and 10 civilians.

20 May 91

Malwatta, Sammanthurai, AMP.

Terrorists fired at a group of Muslims who were returning from the paddy-field in a tractor, 09 Muslims killed and 02 injured.

20 Apr 91


Terrorists attacked village and hacked and shot to death 21 men women and children. Two others were injured, 03 houses, a car and a MC were set on fire. When the terrorists were fleeing they killed another villager in the adjacent village.

24 Mar 91

Fish Market, Akkaraipattu.

Bomb explosion at Fish Marekt, Akkaraipattu, killing 09 Muslims and injuring 32 others.

14 Apr 91

Ethimalai, Monaragala.

About 15-20 terrorists hacked to death 17 Sihalese villagers and injured another. Also set fire to 06 houses.

03 Apr 91

Keviliya, Foul Point, TCO.

Terrorists on two boats surrendered 06 vallams and opened fire at the fishermen. Some fishermen jumped into the sea and swam. Four vallams were set on fire.Ten dead bodies and 11 injured were found. 16 are still missing.The missing perosns are either taken away by the terrorists or droywned after being shot.

23 Jan 91

Bogamuyaya, Maha Oya,AMP.

Armed terrorists hacked to death 25 Sinhalese villagers and injuring others. Subsequently, 04 injured persons had succumbed to their injuries.

01 Nov 90

Halambawewa, Sinhapura, Weli Oya.

Terrorists attacked the village and killed 10 Sinhalese.,

27 Oct 90

Thanthirimala,i A'pura.

Armed terrorist shot dead 05 Sinhalese.

23 Oct 90

Thanthirimalai, A'pura.

Armed terrorists killed 08 Sinhalese villagers and 02 Home Guards.

11 Oct 90

Arugambay, AMP.

Two terrorists shot dead 09 Muslims who were collecting firewood.,

02 Oct 90

Vahalkada,Armed Padaviya.

terrorists shot dead 07 Sinhalese villages and set fire to 39 houses.


Peraweltalawa, Maha Oya, AMP.

Terrorists hacked to death 09 Sinhalese villagers.

24 Sep 90

Gajabapura, Weli Oya.

Armed terrorists set fire to five houses and killed 04 Sinhalese.

21 Sep 90

Pudukudiyirippu, AMP.

Terrorists attacked the village, killing 15 and injuring 11.

19 Sep 90

Kotmale Colony, Uhana, AMP.

When some persons were travelling in a tractor, terrorists attacked them killing 05 and injuring 02 others.

13 Aug 90

Awarantalawa, VNA.

A Muslim village adjoining a Sinhalese village wasattacked by terrorists, killing 09 Muslims and 01 Sinhalese, 03 others were injured.

11 Aug 90

Div.3 & 6, Terr Eravur.

orists attacked Div. 3 & 6, Eravur, killing 116 Muslims and injuring 20 others.

08 Aug 90

Meegaswewa A'pura.

Private coach 60-228 proceeding from Morawewa to Horowpothana with a load of passengers were attacked by terrorists, killing 26 Sinhalese including a soldier and 07 others were injured.

07 Aug 90

Bandaraduwa, Uhana, AMP.

About 40 armed terrorists had gone to a Sinhalese village and killed 30 Sinhalese and injured four.

06 Aug 90


Terrorists killed 33 Muslim farmers working in the paddy field.

05 Aug 90

Muliyankadu, AMP.

Terrorists killed 17 Muslim farmers working in a paddy field .


Jumma & Hussinia Mosques, Kathankudy, BCO.

Terrorists opened fire at Muslims who were in praying in two Mosques, killing 103 and 70 wounded.

31 Jul 90

Podankadu, Peraru,Kantalai TCO.

10 Tamil civilians were killed by unidentified gunmen.

30 Jul 90

Akkaraipattu, BCO.

Terrorists shot dead 14 Muslims in the town .

26 Jul 90

Thammanna,Armed elawaka, Medavachchiya.

terrorists hacked and shot to death 19 Sinhalese and set fire to 30 houses.

25 Jul 90

Wan Ela, TCO.

Terrorists hacked to death 09 Sinhalese villagers who were cutting firewood.

24 Jul 90

Damminna, Aralaganwila, Polonnaruwa.

Armed terrorists hacked to death 08 Sinhalese villagers.

23 Jul 90

Veeracholai, BCO.

Terrorists had killed 08 persons and hang them on trees. Suspected that the bodies were of Muslims.

17 Aug 89

Nochchikulam, VNA.

Eight civlians were killed and 04 others were injured due to an IED explosion.

27 Feb 89

Borawewa, Polonnaruwa.

Armed terrorists shot dead 37 Sinhalese villagers.

22 Feb 89

Tract No 13, Sinhapura, Weli Oya,

Terrorists had attacked Tract No. 13 and 06 Sinhalese were killed and another 07 were injured.

11 Feb 89

Dutuwewa, Horowpathana.

Armed terrorists shot dead 34 Sinhalese villagers.

02 Feb 89

Bogamuyaya, Maha Oya, AMP.

Armed terrorists hacked to death 11 Sinhalese villagers.

14 Nov 88

Paniketiyawa, Gomaran- kadawela,TCO.

Armed terrorists shot dead 28 Sinhalese including two Security Forces personnel .

09 Oct 88

Mahakongas- kada, Medavachchiya.

Armed terrorists shot dead 44 Sinhalese villagers and set fire to 11 houses.

10 Sep 88

16th Colony, Central Camp, AMP.

Armed terrorists shot dead 07 Sinhalese and 04 Tamils.

25 Aug 88

Marawila, Polonnaruwa.

Terrorists had killed 11 civilians by cutting their necks.

28 Jul 88

Ethawetunu- wewa, Weli Oya.

Armed terrorists hacked to death 16 Sinhalese villagers.

01 May 88

Sittaru, Kantalai, TCO.

Terrorists exploded a land mine on a CTB bus and killed 12 Sinhalese, 09 Muslims and 05 others, who were not identified.

08 Apr 88

Horowpathana, Meegaswewa, A'pura.

Armed terrorists killed 14 Sinhalese.

31 Mar 88

Saindamaradu, Kalmunai.

Terrorists attacked the village, killing 10 Muslims and 07 Tamils.

29 Mar 88

Wewalketiya, A'pura.

There was a bomb explosion inside a CTB bus 29 Sri 9037 which was proceeding from Horopathana to Medavachchiya, killing 09 passengers and injuring 14 others.

22 Mar 88

Medavachchi- kulam, VNA.

Armed terrorists shot dead 09 Sinhalese villagers.

17 Mar 88

Deegavapiya, Damana, AMP.

Terrorists hacked to death 13 Sinhalese villagers.

15 Mar 88

Kivulakade, Morawewa, TCO.

Two groups of terrorists entered the village and killed 07 Sinhalese villagers.

14 Mar 88

Kantalai, Trincomalee.

Armed terrorists shot dead 13 Sinhalese villagers at Galmetiyawa.

11 Mar 88

Suhadagama, Horowpothana.

A group of armed terrorists had attacked private Bus 22 Sri 2128 atSuhadagama with small arms and grenades, killing 19 passengers and injuring 09 others.

05 Mar 88

Sittaru, Kantala.i

Terrorists exploded a land mine on a civilian lorry, killing 08 Sinhalese and 16 Muslims.

02 Mar 88

Morawewa, Trincomalee.

Armed terrorists shot dead 14 Sinhalese villagers.

31 Dec 87

Mahadivulwewa, Trincomalee.

Armed terrorists shot dead 10 villagers and burnt 15 houses.

15 Dec 87

Devalagodella, Somawathiya, Polonnaruwa.

Terrorists had attacked Devalagodella and Somawathiya village, killing 09 villagers.

12 Nov 87

Cheddikulam, VNA.

A van transporting passengers was blasted by land mine explosion, killing 12 Tamil persons and 13 PLOTE members.

09 Nov 87

Maradana, Colombo.

Terrorist bomb explosion in a vehicle, 23 civilians killed, 106 injured, 15 vehicles damaged.

16 Oct 87

Pulimoddai, Trincomalee.

Armed terrorists had stopped a private bus, taken out Sinhala persons and killed 11 of them including 03 PCC. (LTTE).

15 Oct 87

Ella Kantali Rd, Trincomalee.

Armed terrorists shot dead 14 Sinhalese passengers travelling in two lorries.

10 Oct 87

Gantalawa, Kantalai.

Armed terrorists shot dead 10 Sinhalese villagers.

07 Oct 87

Pottuvil, Monaragala Rd, Amparai.

Armed terrorists shot dead 25 Sinhalese passengers, who were travelling in CTB bus. They also killed 05 Motor Cyclist who came along the same route.

06 Oct 87

Thalawai, Eravur.

Armed terrorists shot dead 25 Sinhalese settlers.

12 Jun 87

Godapotta,About Medirigiriya, Polonnaruwa.

175 villagers had collected to discuss about a new temple.Terrorists had surrounded the temple and attacked them killing 08 villagers & a soldier, 06 were injured (LTTE).

11 Jun 87


Private Van No. 38 Sri 496 proceeding from Horowpathana to Trinco was blasted by a pressure mine killing one soldier and 13 civilians (LTTE).

02 Jun 87

Arantalawa, Amparai.

Armed terrorists shot dead 30 Buddhist Priests and 04 Sinhalese civilians and injured 15 Buddhist Priests.

29 May 87

Kadawathamadu, Polonnaruwa.

Armed terrorists shot dead 07 Sinhalese villagers.

21 Apr 87

Central Bus, Stand, Pettah.

Terrorists bomb explosion killed 110 civilians,02 Policemen and an Army soldier 298 others were injured.

20 Apr 87

Jayanthipura, Trincoamlee.

Armed terrorists shot dead 15 Sinhalese villagers.

17 Apr 87

TCO/Habarana Rd.Trincoamlee.

Armed terrorists shot dead 127 Sinhalese including 31 police and Security Forces personnel who were travelling in buses to Trincomalee.

22 Mar 87

Serunewa, Horowpathana.

Armed terrorists shot dead 26 Sinhalese villagers.

07 Mar 87

Awarantalawa, Vavuniya.

Terrorists exploded a land mine when troops were proceeding, killing 7 soldiers, 4 NAF soldiers and 6 civilians (LTTE).

07 Feb 87

Arantalawa, Amparai.

Armed terrorists killed 28 Sinhalese villagers by slashing their necks.

24 Jul 86

Issenbessagala, Medawachchiya.

When CTB bus No. 28 Sri 6899 was proceeding from Vavuniya to A'pura with a load of passengers at Issenbessagala, a bomb was exploded inside the bus killing 13 passengers and injuring 40 others(LTTE).

22 Jul 86

Mamaduwa, Vavuniya.

Terrorists exploded a land mine on a civilian bus, killing 32 Sinhalese and injuring 20 others.

19 Jul 86

Vadigawewa, Medirigiriya, Polonnaruwa.

Armed terrorists shot dead 12 Sinhalese villagers.

17 Jul 86

Sugar Corp., Kantali

Some armed terrorists had entered block No. 4, Sugar Corp. Kantalai and 10 persons were shot to death, (07 Sinhalese and two Muslims and 1 Tamil) (LTTE).

13 Jul 86

Pavakkulam, Vavuniya.

Four armed terrorists had come in a jeep to tract No. 16, Pavakkulam and killed 11 civilians, including two Sinhalese and 9 Tamils

08 Jul 86

Monkey Bridge, Trincoamlee.

Armed terrorists shot dead 15 Sinhala villagers.

25 Jun 86

Sittaru, Kantale.

Bomb explosion in a vehicle by terrorists, killed 16 Sinhalese.

11 Jun 86


Two bombs exploded in two CTB buses in front of the Bank of Ceylon and the other in close proximity to the SP office, along Inner Harbour road, almost simultaneously which were on their way to Kantalai and Colombo respectively, 22 persons were killed due to the explosion. 75 others injured (LTTE).

04 Jun 86

Andankulam, Trincoamlee.

Armed terrorists shot dead 17 Sinhalese villagers including Rev. Bakamune Subaddalankara Thera

25 May 86

Mahadivulwewa, Trincomalee.

Armed terrorists shot dead 20 Sinhalese and set fire to 20 houses.

20 Dec 85


6 Madhu pilgrims who were abducted by terrorists on 12 Dec 85 have executed.

07 Nov 85

Namalwatta, Morawewa, Trincoamlee.

Armed terrorists shot dead 10 Sinhalese villagers.

18 Aug 85

Namalwatta, Trincoamlee.

Armed terrorists shot dead 6 Sinhalese villagers.

14 Aug 85

Awarantalawa, Vavuniya.

Armed terrorists shot dead 7 Sinhalese and set fire to 40 houses.

02 Aug 85

Thrikonamadu, Polonnaruwa.

Armed terrorists shot dead 3 Sinhalese Buddhist priests and 3civilians at Ruhunu Somavathiya Temple.

11 Jun 85

Dehiwatta, Muttur.

13 Sinhalese settlers shot dead by armed terrorists.

30 May 85

Mihindupura, & Dehiwatta, Muttur.

Five Sinhalese settlers shot dead by armed terrorists.

14 May 85


Armed terrorists shot dead 18 Sinhalese in the forest reserve.

14 May 85 Anuradhapura Armed terrorists invaded the town and shot dead 150 civilians in the religious compound. Many Buddhist monks are among the dead. This includes pilgrims who were inside the sacred Sri Maha Bodhi  premises.

01 Dec 84

Kokilai Vavuniya

Armed terrorists shot dead 11 Sinhalese settlers.

30 Nov 84

Kent Farm, Vavuniya.

Armed terrorists shot dead 49 Sinhalese settlers and injured several others.

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