Houses Donated War Displaced Families - In memory of late Major M D Manjula Sarathchandra.

Major Manjula Sarathchandra is a brave fighter who gave his life defending his motherland, and who inspired us to create this website, eight years ago.

In February 2005 the former Deputy Director of Education Mr. M.D.Ariyadasa donated 10 houses to the displaced families due to the war at Meegaswave Jayasirigama in Madirigiriya. The event was to commemorate his only son, late Major Manjula Sarathchandra who died at the war front in July 1997.

The houses were constructed under the direction of the Chief Encumbent of Dediyawela Sri Dharmarama Pirivena, Kaduruduve Sugathawanse thero and Major General Sunil Thennakoon of the Sri Lanaka Army.

After the Bana preeching an alms giving ceremony was held on the 13th of February where house hold utensils were distributed among the families. A large Tent was donated to the people of Jayasirigama to hold functions and formalities. In addition 16 cattle condemed to death were donated to the families with the intention of forming a dairy farm.

The Chief Guest of the event was Dr. Rajitha Senarathne, the former Minister for Land and Reforms.

Some photos from the event are listed below.

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